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Volunteer with us

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Homa Entertainment – we value the great contributions of our generous volunteers.

Benefits of Volunteering for Homa Entertainment:

- The opportunity to soak up in the vibrant world of entertainment,
gaining valuable experience and insights into event management and
- Networking opportunities within the industry, connecting volunteers
with professionals which can lead to potential future collaborations,
job opportunities, and friendships.
- Contribute to the creation of memorable experiences for audiences,
whether through assisting with event setup, coordinating logistics, or
providing support during performances.
- Experiencing live performances by artists and engaging in casual
conversations with them at the back stage, all while receiving letters
of appreciation as volunteers.

If you have any of the skills referenced below and you live in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal please complete the below form.

- General helper

- Videography and photography

- Visual art

- Graphic design

- Social media and content management

- Stage lighting and sound

- Stage design



Thanks for submitting!

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