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Homa Entertainment Inc. is experienced in music event planning and organizing, particularly festivals, concerts, shows and other music related events, such as educational music events.

Our Team

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Alireza Tabatabaei

Alireza Tabatabaei grew up in Hamburg / Germany and has been playing drums since 1985. He has been a professional performer since 1998, with more than 800 gigs and concerts around the world. As the Arian Band's drummer, he has been collaborating with British Pop singer Chris De Burgh, and performs with the funk/rock band Ballgard.


Hamid Darzi

Hamid Darzi grow up in Tehran and is living in Vancouver since 2013. With background in business and operation management he has been helping different companies since 2005. He has organized more than 100 community events in Vancouver to help Persian newcomers.

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